Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Neighborhood Market Updates Available at TheJillSmithTeam.com

Posted by The Jill Smith Team at 6:56 PM
Have you ever wanted to keep updated with home sales in your neighborhood or a neighborhood you are considering moving to? We are pleased to announce a great new feature to TheJillSmithTeam.com that will send you monthly reports on the home sales within your neighborhood which includes selling price compared to list price, a map of currently available homes and recently sold homes, photos and details of each listing and much more. This incredibly helpful program is called Market Snapshot and you can start using it now. Just fill out a 2-step form with the address of your house or a house in a neighborhood you are considering and you will receive monthly neighborhood sales updates via email.

Data is pulled from the Garden State MLS so market information is up-to-date. If you live in or are considering a move to Essex, Morris, Union or Somerset county, your neighborhood will be covered in Market Snapshot. Sign-up by visiting this link also located on the right hand side of our homepage.

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